10 Dental Marketing Master Plans You Can Implement Now

The digital marketing world moves in a rapid manner and so the trends and algorithms keep on changing. This implies that consumer behavior will also keep changing and sometimes it is difficult to keep up. This is why  experts in dental marketing have updated the top 10 dental marketing tips that you may need to know to make 2022 a year of growth for your dental practices online.

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Page:

 If you are likely to create a Google My Business or GMB account page, then you are sure to stay at the top of dental marketing practices. Your GMB listing is comprehensively the essentiality of your local SEO strategy. Furthermore, a GMB listing is a verified source of information about your dental practices which include location, hours and photos and Google threads this into various search experiences. With GMB, you can show up in all kinds of Google search experiences along with that, this will help patients to seek out a dentist of their own.

2. Invest in Long Term Strategy:

A big part of connecting with patients who require dental care is with the help of dentist SEO. Nowadays, people tend to find and choose their dentists online more ideally in their nearby areas. And as we mentioned it above, a lot of dentists are acquiring new patients with the help of local search experiences.

3. Build and Publish a Consistent Content Calendar:

Preserving and elaborating Healthy oral habits can be a great source of content. Most individuals are interested in preserving the teeth they were born with. Your blog posts hence can talk about healthy oral habits and encourage regular dental check-ups and appointments. You can also let patients know that most dental insurance will pay 100% for all these services. Not only does blogging help your website rank higher on the Search Engine Result pages but it also helps you connect with potential and existing patients.

4. Add Your Practice To Local Dental Directories:

In a research conducted by dentist marketing experts around the globe, it was found that 25% of individuals prefer to use their state dental society or dental board. And in order to reach that 25%, ensure that you and your practice are included in local directories. This doesn’t only help people find you easily but it is an essential part of local SEO. These listings and citations directly impact your rankings on SERPs.

5. Make Use Of PPC Advertisements:

According to orthodontist SEO experts, another great way to make sure that your dental practice shows up at the top of the search engine results page or SERP is to make use of PPC ads or pay per click advertisements. If it is implemented correctly, then it can help you place lead-generating content and Call to actions at the top of search results for competitive keywords, connect with your target audience at the right time and right place and get results a lot merrier than a long-term SEO plan.

6. Ask Patients For Reviews:

Often, Dental practices ignore their reviews altogether and this can be a damaging part. A consistent flow of current positive reviews is termed as free marketing and more than 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from close ones, such as friends and family. As if this evidence is not enough, then 50% of patients would go out of their dental insurance network for a dentist with great reviews.

7. Increasing Brand Awareness With Facebook:

What makes Facebook Advertising so effective at increasing brand awareness among individuals and generating leads comes down eventually to targeting. With the right advertisement professional at facebook, you can make your marketing dollars multiply. All thanks to robust and granular audience targeting capabilities.

8. Add Videos To Engage Your Patients:

A fact says that 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos in a week. Thus, posting videos is an excellent tool to induce into your digital marketing efforts. You can further share videos on your website, post them on social media and later on distribute them through other digital mediums. Take a note on this, like your social media presence, your videos must be more personal and engaging. Don’t shoot a video that simply explains your services. That is just boring. Instead of that, create content that showcases your practice personality.

9. Use Digital Assistants:

The popularity of voice search is rising exponentially in 2022. This is in addition with the overwhelming majority of people who currently have a digital assistant on their phone such as Siri and Google’s smart assistant. As far as individuals using digital assistants for voice search, Google Advertisement team is finding more and more search terms which is the code phrase that activates an Android device’s digital assistant.

10. Email Campaigns:

Email automation campaigns allow you to send time  or action triggered campaigns to your patient list. For example, you can also automate a monthly newsletter, if not that, you could automate a new patient survey that is sent following a patient’s first appointment. While you do have to be more creative with the email, this has been one of the most fruitful dental clinic marketing channels as it offers one of the greatest returns on investment.

Bottom line:

We hope you found these 10 dental marketing ideas helpful for your business. If you want even more options, you can also opt for seo consultants and more resources you might find useful to make a noteworthy start.

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