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It is almost the end of 2021 and a new year will soon begin. Looking back on the past year, so much has happened. Especially in my life I am very grateful for so much.

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Dentistry is an interesting career – there are days when you have everything in order, everything seems to be going smoothly, and there are other days when Murphy’s Law seems to follow you like a shadow chasing your own silhouette. In any case, it never gets boring in this profession.

During the holidays, I want to thank those who make me truly and sincerely happy in my life.

Family/friends/loved ones: I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my family and friends. The hugs, smiles, support, words of encouragement and love they have given me. They have been with me and have helped me grow as a person. They taught me about empathy, compassion, patience, understanding and love.

work family: We spend more than seven hours a day with these teammates, sometimes more than our loved ones. They know your strengths and weaknesses and amplify our strengths while supporting us in our opportunities. My work family is made up of loyal, kind, compassionate and patient individuals. Without their support, I cannot take care of our patients every day. They bring me joy, laughter and lightness during the day. My day gets better with a team like that.

mentors: During the journey I have been blessed to meet so many new colleagues, and those who take the time to invest in me, help me grow and succeed. Mentors are there to provide that positive, encouraging support. They know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I have had many mentors who gave me advice/guidance to enrich my life by taking care of patients.

patients: I love taking care of patients, just like any of us in dentistry. We are here to take care of them. They have given us confidence and shown their vulnerabilities. Take the time to really listen to them and their concerns – then make sure you find a solution to their concerns – they want to feel heard.

I volunteer once a month at a dental clinic that provides free dental care to people who may not be able to afford it. It warms my heart to give back to the community. It refers to the time and effort we spent in dental school delivering our talent and hard work to those less fortunate than us. I chose dentistry to make a difference and create a life-changing smile, patient for patient.

I recently had a case where a patient said she didn’t smile because of the way her teeth looked. I used a soflex disc to refine the distal and mesial incisal edges to give the patient a softer appearance. When I gave her a mirror, she looked at her teeth and began to cry tears of joy. She told me, “It’s just in time for the holidays, now I can take pictures with my smile!” I’m sure you all know this feeling. That’s why we chose dentistry – to make a difference and make an impact in someone’s life.

I am truly blessed and thankful to be a dentist. Yes, there are days that are tough, but in the end I keep thinking about those positive days when we make patients smile, make them healthier and happier. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love it to the point where you don’t roll out of bed, but instead jump out of bed knowing you worked hard for this. Not everyone can be a dentist and can give the gift of creating a smile.

The most important gift of all: time. We get 24 hours in a day, 525,600 minutes in a year, and so on. We get to choose what to do with this time. I wake up and thank the heavens that I have a brand new day of breath, a chance to make someone’s day, smile and make someone feel happier than before I met them.

Make sure to catch up and check in with your loved ones and those who mean so much to you. Life is short, we are given a short amount of time and a choice of what to do with it. How are you going to spend your cool time?

Thank you all for being dentists. It’s not an easy career, just an email from another dentist telling me there are more good days than bad. I think about that message and it keeps me going. Thank you doctor. Without dentists, there are fewer smiles, fewer healthy mouths, and fewer life-changing experiences. Have a great Thanksgiving. I’m grateful.

dr. Jessica Nguyen is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-School of Dentistry. dr. Nguyen is an associate general dentist in Forest Lake, Minnesota. She enjoys spending time with her family, singing, trying new things with her friends and sports. dr. Nguyen connects with others by learning from their stories because she believes that every person has a life lesson that you can learn from. She has a passion for volunteering and helping others by giving advice to pre-dental students, dental students, and sharing positive, uplifting, inspiring stories to guide others to become successful, achieve their dreams and live life to the fullest. life. For questions/comments, please contact her at: nguy1716@umn.edu.

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