How Phased Treatment Improves Single Tooth Dentistry

Through: Kevin Muench DMD, MAGD

Time may work against you, or it may work for you if phased therapy is the suggested treatment.

While it may seem simpler than full mouth reconstruction, single-tooth dentistry can take years to achieve the desired result. That is why we need to strengthen our communication and relational skills.

So, what can keep you and your patient on track in the long run?

Benefits of Phased Therapy

If you want to help more people, staged therapy is a great way to do that.

You can make dental treatment possible on tighter budgets by spreading the work over time. You don’t have to devalue yourself, but you do need to strengthen your patience and your commitment to results.

Build trust with manageable cases

Especially at the beginning of your career, the amount of information in the dental world can be overwhelming. You may be inspired to tackle complicated issues before you’re ready, but it’s really so valuable to take it slow.

Single-tooth dentistry may seem easy or less impressive than more involved restorations, but it has the ability to keep your workload manageable while giving you room for growth.

It’s easy to neglect social skills like patient communication and team development while looking for the bigger and bigger case. Instead, you can focus on providing quality care and really dedicate yourself to layered learning.

Create trust every time you meet a patient

Trust is the missing ingredient in many situations where you’re pitching a complex and involved treatment plan to a new patient.

While it might seem like an obvious “yes” to you, to them it might be handing over something precious to someone who hasn’t been tested.

When you start with a simple and affordable case of one tooth, you give patients time to get to know you, respect your work and experience the results for themselves.

Your patience will be worth many times over as patients come to trust you enough to move on to bigger cases in the future. While you build these relationships in your practice, you may not even notice the overall shift from ‘no’ to ‘yes’.

Kevin Muench DMD, MAGD

Kevin Muench DMD, MAGD

dr. Muench started his private practice in February 1988. In 1980 he graduated from Boston College with a BS degree in biology. In 1987, he graduated with honors from the New Jersey Dental School and was elected to the Dental Honors Society, OKU. He received the Quintessence Operative Dentistry Award and the Dentsply Fixed Prosthodontics Award. In 1993 he received a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry and in 2002 he received a Masters in the Academy. He has completed more than 1500 hours of refresher training since Dental School. He is an alumnus, visiting lecturer and member of the Advisory Board of one of the premier continuing education groups, The Pankey Institute. Kevin lives in his family home in Maplewood, where he was born and raised. Kevin and his wife Eileen have three boys; Colin, Tommy and Michael. They strongly believe that participating in community efforts makes all the difference in Maplewood NJ.

photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

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