How to Have Great Customer Service Using the LATEST Method

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Disney is often referred to as “The Happiest Place on Earth”. People visit Disney for a variety of reasons: birthdays, marriage proposals, honeymoons, graduations, or simply to make family memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you think these customers have high expectations? You bet they do.

How to provide excellent customer service?

The Walt Disney Company is all about the guest experience. Staff should be committed to making each guest feel special.

Every business has unhappy customers, even the happiest place on earth. What sets a company apart from the rest is how they handle these situations. Not just once, but consistently by all team members to all customers.

The LAST method

What should an employee do if he meets a guest who is dissatisfied, whose expectations have not been met?

For all customer service issues, Disney has well-defined quality standards that help employees (known there as cast members) in their decision-making process. Extensive and consistent training empowers cast members to make decisions to resolve the issue.

An example of such a tool is the LATEST Model:

  • Listen
  • To apologize
  • Dissolve
  • thanks


Most people just want their complaints to be heard and feel empathy from the listener.

The complaint most likely won’t be about the person listening, but as an employee and representative of the company, it’s now up to them to resolve it.

To apologize

Saying sorry can go a long way if used sincerely. Patients want their feelings confirmed and you can apologize on behalf of the company for what happened and for the experience they had.


The first two steps will help tremendously in diffuse the situation.

When it comes to dissolve the problem, is there any way you can make the patient happy by spending a small sum of money that is of great value to him and makes him happy? – A gift certificate to a local establishment or free whitening can do just that.


Thank the patient for bringing the issue to your attention and for choosing the practice for their dental care.

If necessary, contact them and make sure they are happy with the solution.

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