How to reduce staff turnover in your dental workforce?

By: Katie Klaes

The hospitality industry was known for high staff turnover even before the pandemic. Dentistry and several other industries now face similar challenges, so I wanted to explore what they are doing to attract and retain employees.

Surprisingly, their recommendations can also be applied directly to your dental office.

5 tips to reduce staff turnover in your dental workforce

Working in the hospitality industry can be both physically and mentally challenging. Dentistry is no different. While the specific work of the two industries is different, what employees look for in a job is remarkably similar.

Here are 5 simple strategies to slow down employee turnover:

  1. Treat employees as a valued investment, not a cost
  2. Show that you trust the employee first, before you expect them to trust you
  3. Take the time to conduct performance reviews at least annually
  4. Take advantage of available technologies that save your employees time or make their daily tasks easier.
  5. Colleagues directly influence turnover and retention; an employee’s emotional attachment to his colleagues is often more than to the practice in general. Promote these relationships.

Other ways to slow employee turnover

Sincere appreciation, clear expectations and accountability are all important for employee retention. Employees also want to be heard.

Are they not only allowed, but encouraged to solve problems and have a say in how the practice works?

A great way to get feedback is through anonymous online surveys. This allows the employee to speak freely without fear of his handwriting being recognized or punished for his opinion.

A great and motivated employee has a high probability of leaving if there is no foreseeable career progression. Career development and training through workshops, industry events and CE will keep them engaged and enable a deserved raise or promotion through increased skills.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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