Managing personal and professional life as a dental assistant

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Like much of the general population, dental school graduates also face challenges as they ascend into more lucrative and clinically challenging positions in professional dentistry.

A major problem with personal growth in this area is the toll it takes on the dentist’s private life. The stress of work doesn’t automatically go away when it’s time to end the workday. The news of the day, including the difficult times of patients individually or in the family, comes home with the dentist, who is usually a compassionate man or woman.

Dropping issues like this at the door just doesn’t happen. Putting on a smile when a day has gone bad doesn’t help the situation at home. Sometimes the positive feeling in the dental office overcomes any resistance at home, so going to work becomes the exciting part of the day with clinical rewards for helping patients in need and monetary rewards from the profession.

Stress, stress and more stress

First came dental school, then the learning curve through associations to finally the perfect job for learning and for getting ahead clinically and financially. This associate dentistry position will assist in the ultimate goal of obtaining an ownership interest in another office or within the current practice. All the related stress that was part of the progress seemed worth it, as there may have been talks going on about the acquisition.

Now it seems like everything is falling apart. What is the upwardly mobile dentist doing to overcome this obstacle? It is possible that at this point in his or her career the employee had developed a relationship with a financial advisor or dental CPA. If not, talking to the current practice owner or a colleague who has gone through this process can be a big help in finding someone who can help.

The dental CPA who has experience with dentists who face similar stresses in the dental office will be a great resource. Interviewing prior to choosing or having a referral source that is absolutely reliable is a big step in overcoming these stressful issues.

What are some of the things that the dental CPA can help turn the stress and current problems into something that can be overcome?

How a dental CPA can reverse the current state of affairs for the dentist:

Getting back on track and relieving the stress in the dental office and at home are the keys to success in the employee’s career. Unfortunately, one of the ways the home situation is resolved may be to file for a divorce.

A first step for the dentist may be to contact a dental CPA who has experience in divorce work and mediation. This is definitely the right person to help get the dentist’s finances in order so that life can go on financially with as few interruptions as possible. A dental CPA will also be realistic about what a financial settlement or alimony will look like, based on the dentist’s financial position at the time of filing.

In addition to reducing stress at home and what that will mean for the dentist financially and emotionally, the future also needs to be discussed. The dentist wants someone who is honest with the information and doesn’t obscure what’s going to happen.

What to Expect When Speaking to an Experienced Dental CPA About the Financial Aspects of Divorce

The most important point for the dentist is to know that his or her future is bright. Thinking about the current financial situation the dentist has reached should leave the dentist feeling positive about what his or her life will look like financially once the divorce is finalized. The steps to take to prepare for divorce and the time and expense involved in resolving them are very expensive and time consuming.

The hours spent gathering information and meeting the dental CPA over the phone or in person will leave the dentist feeling like it will never end. However, they do. When they do, a new life is available with an incredible amount of stress because at the end of the day there is no one at home causing trouble for the dentist. The dentist has to imagine what would have happened if there was no counselor who understood and explained in advance what was going to happen.

The dental profession is one of care, understanding of his or her patients, solid clinical skills and potential problems from many directions.

Since this was the profession that was chosen, assistance should be provided to help manage the profession to the best of the dentist’s ability. Being able to retain those who can help is an opportunity the dentist has as he or she is fortunate enough to be able to pay for the best service available for help. Being able to continue living with an optimistic attitude and the potential for substantial income is not a bad place to be.

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