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What You Should Learn in Dental School, But Don’t

Now that I’m starting my endo-residence … I haven’t forgotten it everything that I learned in dental school. There are a few lessons I’m taking with me this time that I’ve picked up along the way.

Here are four important lessons I learned in dental school and in my years as a general dentist.

My COVID-19 vaccination experience

As a healthcare professional, it is my duty to rely on the scientific method and do what is right for my community by getting vaccinated. It is important for us as dentists to be role models for our community to help end this pandemic by getting us vaccinated if we are healthy and able to do so.

Happiness and Habits: Changing Our Behavior

Many concepts about behavior change are easy to understand, but difficult to put into practice. If happiness comes from behavioral change, how can we put these concepts into daily practice?

What I learned about dentistry from becoming a yoga teacher

As my education progressed, I began to notice small changes in the way I practice dentistry and also in my view of my profession. My days started to feel less stressful as I started to become more mindful with each patient I treated. The mindfulness allowed me to notice patterns in diagnosing and treating patients and challenged me to do things like come up with alternative treatment options or have deeper conversations with each patient.

Let’s talk about transitions: from clinical work to academia

For me, the past year has meant taking a close look at my values ​​and goals and trying to align them with my professional interests. I was an employee at a thriving practice before COVID-19, and then suddenly I found myself out of patients, out of integral necessity for the practice, and out of enthusiasm to hold my head high. I knew I had to change something or I would have serious mental problems.

The division between medicine and dentistry in cancer care

We have a problem. There is a disturbing divide between the medical and dental communities when it comes to cancer care. As a result, caregivers and their patients experience a lot of frustration about the lack of dental care for patients with cancer.

Business side of dentistry: becoming the leader you need to be

Contrary to popular belief, leaders are not born, they are made. Some of it comes with experience, other times it’s learned. My personal goal is to one day become the most compassionate leader possible, for both my work family and my home family. To achieve this big, furry, daring goal, you need to commit to reflecting, turning and learning every day.

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