Secret Veneers Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Secret Veneers are more like most other snap-on veneers. While they help you cover up most dental problems, they should not be used as a treatment.

For example, if you have chipped, cracked or missing teeth, you will likely need a dentist to replace them with crowns or implants. Those with misaligned teeth will benefit best from orthodontic treatment (braces or clear aligners) that they can get directly from their dentist or product manufacturer.

In addition, patients with discolored teeth will benefit more from professional teeth whitening.

Snap-on veneers, such as Secret Veneers, do not attempt to address the underlying issues, but rather: only cover them for aesthetic reasons† This is perhaps the biggest drawback of Secret Veneers and other snap-on veneers.

Once you understand what clip-on veneers can and cannot do, you can easily tell the best brands apart. Here are the pros and cons of Secret Veneers to help you make a more informed decision:

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