Smile Direct Club UK Review

While the initial price of £1,539 isn’t that much compared to most other brands, it’s a good idea not everyone has all that cash lying around.

Fortunately, the company offers several ways to make Smile Direct Club UK more affordable

One of the most popular options is to: pay with SmilePay™ . from the company option. This is a 24 month payment plan where you pay an initial deposit of £70.10 and then £70.09 per month for the next 23 months.

However, you must undergo a soft credit check to qualify. A soft credit check will not affect your credit score. Unfortunately, this means that not everyone is eligible for the SmilePay option.

Alternative, if your health insurer has an orthodontic scheme, you can get this reimbursed for your payments for the Smile Direct Club UK aligners. However, the company does not accept payment methods for insurance at this time.

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