Teeth whitening trays: everything you need to know

Depending on the brand or model you choose, some teeth whitening trays are prefilled with a peroxide-based gel or whitening agent. Others come as a kit – you get the teeth whitening trays with syringes that contain the whitening gel. All you need to do during each whitening session is: fill the trays with the required amount peroxide based bleach.

Unlike in-office whitening, you will have to use teeth whitening trays for longer. This is because the bleaches contain lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or other bleaching agents.

The main reason behind this is that higher concentrations of the bleaching product can be harmful to your teeth and surrounding tissues (gums and cheeks) if not used correctly† This is why you can only get the dentists as the only people allowed to administer such concentrated amounts of peroxides.

Depending on the product, you can use it for a few minutes before each session, while for other sessions you may need to wear it longer (including all night).

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